Frequently Asked Questions:

"Trading" refers to the buying and selling of your "shares" of players. 

You are trading directly with SportsTrade.  This means that you don't need to wait for a willing buyer or seller to execute your desired trade -- you can instantly trade anytime you want.

No.  You are not purchasing equity or ownership in the player.  You are purchasing virtual shares in the player that rise and fall based on the player's performance and the demand in the player, but there is no transfer of any actual equity or ownership in the player.

We currently support NFL Football, NBA Basketball and MLB Baseball.  We wlll expanding into other sports in the future based on user demand.

Getting started is extremely simple. Go to the sign up page and open an account.  Then go to your account page and very securely add money to your account using a credit/debit card.  Once your account is open and funded search for your favorite players, buy some shares and start building your portfolio!

The price changes based upon two factors. The first is how the players perform in games relative to their fantasy expectations. If a player beats their projected fantasy score, their share value will rise. If a player misses their projected fantasy score, their share value will fall.  The second factor, is "supply and demand".  The more shares in a player that are purchased on the SportsTrade platform, the higher the player's value goes.

No.  NFL Players with projected fantasy points that are 5 or less, MLB players with projected fantasy points that are 2.5 or less and NBA players projected fantasy points that are 20 or less do not move based upon that game's performance. They will, however, move based upon supply and demand.  The algorithms used for price movement differ between the leagues as well which are detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

Player share values are based on algorithms which take into account the player's average Fantasy Scores in order to create a fair environment for our users and for all players. In the NBA, the algorithms increase the gains, as well as decrease the losses, of the players with the higher average Projected Fantasy Scores.  

Additionally, as shares of a player are purchased, their value will increase. Similarly, as shares of a player are sold, their value will decrease.  More specifically, for every 100 shares purchased on the platform, the share price will increase .25% and for every 100 shares sold on the platform, the share price will decrease .25%.

SportsTrade's original Fantasy Projections, scores, odds and player performance data are provided by  All projections and odds are constantly updated until game time.

NFL fantasy points are calculated based upon standard PPR +1 scoring.

NBA fantasy points are calculated by according to their formula. The formula is as follows:

Three Point Field Goals: 3 points
Two Point Field Goals: 2 points
Free Throws Made: 1 point
Rebounds: 1.2 points
Assists: 1.5 points
Blocked Shots: 2 points
Steals: 2 points
Turnovers: -1 points

The most an NBA and NFL player's share price can increase in one game is double their pre-game price.  The most an MLB player's share price can increase in one game is 25% and the most an MLB player's share price can decrease in one game is 20%, regardless of their overperformance or underperformance.

If a player is injured during a game, their share price will change according to the fantasy points they scored in the game until the injury occurred. If a player is listed as injured before a game or is not playing in the game for any reason, that game will not affect their value.

Yes. In the case where a player's value goes to $0.00, that player will be reset to $1.00 and all users who hold shares of that player will have those shares swept.

SportsTrade trading doesn't end. Users are free to trade on the platform, on all players, all year round.

Users are free to withdraw funds from their account at any time. Withdrawals are paid through PayPal and will appear in the users account within 2-4 business days.

SportsTrade, LLC charges a one time 2.9% transaction fee for all account deposits and withdrawals made, which covers the merchant service fees paid by SportsTrade, LLC.  In addition, user understands that SportsTrade, LLC charges a fee equal to 2.5% of the trade value on all share purchases and sales made.

SportsTrade falls under the category of daily fantasy sports. This is distinct from sports betting/gambling. Daily Fantasy Sports is permitted in all states except for Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

Your money will be processed by Stripe and held by, LLC.  Your account balance will be shown in your SportsTrade account at all times and you can withdraw the funds at anytime.

Yes.  The purchase and sale milestones and their impact on player values are subject to change at SportsTrade's discretion.  Any change or update made to the milestones and/or percentage changes will be posted under the Terms and Conditions.  Any changes made will only impact trading that occurs from the date of the change forward.

Reach out to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Short term or "day trading" is the ideal strategy for profitting on the platform.  The strategy of buying player shares for a long term hold is not ideal.