About Us

SportsTrade.com is the nation's leader in the new and exciting sports trading industry.  We're a cross between a fantasy sports league and a stock exchange, where you can buy and sell shares of real athletes — with real money — as if you’re trading on the stock market.

SportsTrade takes traditional and daily fantasy sports play to the next level.  Our platform now allows you to trade shares in players, in all of the professional leagues. Finally, a fair and exciting way for you to cash in on your deep knowledge of sports!

SportsTrade player values rise and fall based on two factors:  

First, their statistical performance in each game as compared to their projected fantasy points for that game.  The more fantasy points a player scores, the higher his book value goes.  

Second, the supply and demand for the player.  As more shares of a player are purchased on our platform, again, the higher his book value goes.   

Ready to buy shares in a player?  Pick that penny stock in a rookie with the most upside or grab that blue chip veteran who is a consistently solid performer.  Then, watch your players battle game by game for all important fantasy points. The more fantasy points your players score, the more their book values increase.  Track your portfolio to see who your big gainers are and watch its value grow.

Ready to sell your shares for a quick profit? Simply hit the "sell" button and the trade is completed.  Or hold onto the player for the long haul and watch his value continue to rise.  With SportsTrade, the power to buy or sell, whenever you want, is all at your fingertips.

Build your Player Portfolio by using our in depth player pages which showcase player values, graphs, fantasy statistics and more just like you would with traditional stocks.  Best yet, unlike traditional fantasy sports leagues where player availability is limited, with SportsTrade, you can buy as many shares, in as many players as often as you like.

Think you have the skills to compete?  Enter your portfolio into one of our cash contests and test your trading ability against other SportsTraders.  Traders who's portfolios produce the highest percentage returns take home the cash!

Signing up and depositing funds into your account is simple, fast and completely secure.  When you're ready to withdraw funds, simply click "withdraw" and the funds will immediately be sent to you.

Sign up today and discover the fun, exciting and profitable new world of sports trading. We look forward to welcoming you as a SportsTrade client and to seeing your trades on the platform.